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Monday, June 8, 2009


Here are some of my favorite facts about the ocean:

1. The ocean covers like 71% of the earth's surface.
2. There are 1.5 million or more kinds of fish in the ocean.
3. The same weight of fish taken from the ocean each year is the same weight of garbage we put into the ocean every year.
4. Sharks are not as dangerous as people think. Most of them are too small or scared to hurt people. Like 80% of them I read.
5. 90% of volcanoes are in the ocean.

COOL, HEY? Please comment and let me know what you love about the ocean, kk?


Anonymous said...

i lov fish so much. i hav a goldfish named whiskers.

Anonymous said...

i luv water . we can go in the boat and it is nice flooting on the water. then u can look up in the sky and c the clowds flooting by. water is the most wunderfel thing thats wat i luv the most i like how the waves r moving on ecobudys who all likes this? besids me funnyface this is me

Anonymous said...

i love the smell of the water and the feel of the breeze that comes off of the water