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Monday, May 3, 2010

Calling All Agents to the Rescue!

Buddies! We need your help ASAP! There has been a huge oil spill in the Atlantic Ocean by New Orleans and Pesto is wondering if anyone has any ideas about how EcoBuddies can help the animals and fish by the spill.

Please post your comments and let us know ok?


Thursday, April 22, 2010

And the Winners of the BC Scavenger Hunt Contest Are...

After a busy contest, EcoBuddies is SO proud to announce that we have two winners for our Earth Day Scavenger Hunt for BC! The winners are:

First Prize ($150 gift certificate to bookstore): Lake Hill Elementary School in Victoria!
Second Prize ($50 gift certificate to bookstore): Kelowna Elementary School!

All participants will get EcoBuddies stickers and posters sent to their school classroom!

Hope you had a blast and learned all about the amazing animals featured in the Scavenger Hunt!

Shazam! Pesto

Problems viewing EcoBuddies?

Problems viewing EcoBuddies?

Here is an alternate link to EcoBuddies for those of you having a hard time viewing our scavenger hunt.

Happy hunting!!!!!


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Earth Day Scavenger Hunt for BC Schools

Earth Day Scavenger Hunt for BC Elementary School Classrooms

This Earth Day,
Thursday April 22, 2010, between 9am and 2pm, EcoBuddies is challenging BC Elementary School classrooms to a Scavenger Hunt that focuses on Endangered Animals! Use one or several computers to log into EcoBuddies ( with your classroom and search the green-inspired world of EcoBuddies for answers to the clues listed below. Teachers, please email your answers to with the name of your school and grade of your class.

FIRST PRIZE: The classroom that emails the correct answers to the clues first will get a $150 gift certificate to a bookstore of their choice!

SECOND PRIZE: The classroom that correctly answers the clues in second place will receive a $50 gift certificate to a bookstore of their choice!

PARTICIPATION PRIZE: Each classroom that participates will get EcoBuddies posters and stickers for their classroom.

Answers to the clues will be distributed throughout the EcoBuddies world on April 22, 2010 (not before this date). Look for the animals that match the clues, click on the animal, and get the information needed to answer the clue. Note: For time's sake, no answers will be in the Eco-Explorer's Hut due to the large amount of school content classroom's would have to go through within the hut.

If you do not have time to create log-in accounts for yourself of your class please email EcoBuddies at or call us at 604-568-5189 and we will make up ten accounts for you.

Earth Day Scavenger Hunt Clues for BC Elementary School Classrooms

This Scavenger Hunt is based on giving students information about some of the world's top endangered animals, as well as ways to protect animals in the future. Kids will learn about these animals, as well as ways to protect the animals in the future. Kids will get information about these animals when they click on the animal and search for answers to the clues!

Earth Day Scavenger Hunt Clues:

1. The Vaquita is the smallest __________ (fill in the blank).
2. How many pounds are the Pink Amazon River Dolphin's babies?
3. Where does the Sumatran Orangutan sleep?
4. Tigers like to __________ (fill in the blank).
5. What game do young Mountain Gorillas like to play?
6. Bonobo Monkey's are known as the __________ of the Chimpanzee family (fill in the blank).
7. How do African Elephants help plants to grow?

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Penguins are amazing creatures! Here are some awesome facts about them!

1. Penguins spend half of their life in the ocean!
2. In 25 mya (like, a long time ago, like THOUSANDS of years ago) there were 5 foot penguins! Ah!
3. Both mom and dad penguins take care of baby chicks, keeping them warm and snuggled in a pouch by their feet.
3. When penguins are swimming in the water they move like birds flying through the air- this shows how amazing and graceful they are as swimmers!

Yay Penguins!

Stay Green!

Saturday, January 16, 2010


This blogspost is from Caramel, Julia1 and Molly4s blog The Green Buddies Group. They have lots of really cool information and are very caring! Check it out at