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Friday, October 30, 2009

Animal of the Week: Kittens!

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Mathias Erhart

As promised to Queen Fuzzbally of EcoBuddies, the animal of the week is kittens! Can you believe that cat moms have 2-3 litters of kittens per year and 1-8 kittens per litter? Wow! This means a cat mom has about 100 kittens in her lifetime. That's a lot of kitties to care for!

The cat with the most kittens was a mom called Dusty who had 480 kittens in her lifetime! Wow!

One of the most amazing cats was from Argentina. Her name was Mincho and she climbed up a tree and lived there for 6 years, never coming down the tree! She had three litters of kittens even while living in the tree... WOW!

Kittens begin dreaming at one week old. Their eye color begins changing as they grow older. Kittens cannot see or hear when they are born. They begin to open their eyes at 5 days old and their hearing and vision develop after 2 weeks.

A group of kittens is called a kindle- cute!

If any Buddies want to send me a picture of their kitten or cat I will post it on this blog, ok?

Stay Cool and Be Green!


Friday, October 23, 2009

Check Out This Amazing Video!

Waste Reduction Week: Ocotber 19 to 25

Wow! It is waste reduction week! October 19 to the 25th! So what does that mean? It means that this is a great week to think about how you can care for our planet, as well as how to reduce the amount of garbage you create!

One of the things I thought about this week was how to reduce the amount of garbage I create from all the stuff in my lunch box. My mom usually gives me a granola bar that comes in a wrapper, a juice box, a sandwich wrapped in tinfoil, and an apple. We decided together that we would make some changes this week so my lunch created less waste. Now we are baking cookies to replace the granola bar so that we don't use extra wrappers and we are using reusable containers for my juice, sandwich, apple and cookies. Yeah!

I feel pretty happy!

Over and out, Stay Green!


Friday, October 2, 2009

EcoBuddies Partners with Pandas International and Kids Saving the Rainforest!

Oh My Goodness! EcoBuddies is partnering with Pandas International and Kids Saving the Rainforest in order to give its players information about the awesome work that these organizations do and the animals they protect!

By the end of today, you will be able to check out the Pandas International hut within our virtual world right beside our Eco-Explorers hut on the Tiki Islands!!

Next week you will be able to explore the Kids Saving the Rainforest hut too, which will be located beside the Pandas International Hut and the Eco-Explorers Hut! Yeah!

Let us know what you think of all the cool new materials!

Yay! Violet