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Thursday, June 25, 2009


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Hey buddies,

Killer whales must have it tough. They are totally misunderstood. It's too bad they're called "killer", because they are actually super friendly. In fact, it's people who are killing them by letting chemicals get into the water they swim in. Did you know that they are related to dolphins? Just like dolphins, killer whales are super smart! Can anybody tell me another name for killer whales?

Stay Green!


Anonymous said...

maybe a gentle whale?

Anonymous said...

the scientific name for the killer whales is orcas. i am phan1

Anonymous said...

Hi phan you are smart you know lots about whales i would like to ride accross the ocean on a whale , it would be cool. this is hi from eggo2

Anonymous said...

that is a good idea phan. lets call them orcas now