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Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Yay! The animal of the week is Bunnies! Bunnies are awesome! Did you know that Bunnies live in underground tunnels called warrens. The warrens have areas where bunnies can keep their babies, go to the bathroom, and sleep.

Moms grow their fur out so that it is very fluffy just before they have their bunnies and then carefully pull out some of this fur to make soft warm bedding for their babies.

A cool bunny fact is that Jackrabbits can jump up to 20 feet and run 30-35 miles per hour- wowow!

Bunnies warn each other of danger by thumping their feet, as well as motioning with their tails to show if they are scared, happy, or excited.


Thanks Molly4 for the great idea to talk about Bunnies this week.

Stay Cool and Be Green!



Anonymous said...

No offense Vilot but I don't like the choice of bunnies for animal of the week cause my bunny died and he was only a few months old :( but i <3 ecobuddies

Pesto and Violet said...

I am so sad that your bunny died. I am sorry that the post made you sad and can understand how it would have been hard to read. Is there an animal you would like me to include for animal of the week? Violet

Anonymous said...

could you please make the animal of the week a tiger they"re my favorite animal i love them!!!

Anonymous said...

i know what animal we should put for molly4,penguins are my favorite animals and i like how they waddle falls asleep U_U -snores- huh what happened? Anyway molly this is KINGBOO i am so sorry for your bunny
oh bunny please RIP + the soul must get rest