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Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Comba Womba has a tortoise named Tommy! I wonder if he is big or small. If it is a big one, Comba must have a HUGE tank.

Tortoises are reptiles that live on land. They can be tiny or very large- up to 2 meters long! Tortoises are very reclusive, which means they are not social creatures. Baby tortoises are called hatchlings and use something called an 'egg tooth' to break out of their shells.

The lifespan of tortoises are comparable to the lifespan of humans although some live much longer. The oldest tortoise to ever live was one that was given to Captain Cook in 1777 when it was just a baby. His name was Tu'i Malila and he lived to be 188 years old- WOW! He lived longer than Captain Cook!

Tortoises are pretty cool, hey?

Stay Cool and Be Green!


1 comment:

Comba womba and the Jellybean Team said...

AWESOME VIOLET! That's so coll! I told Tommy about it, and he's really happy! :)