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Thursday, April 8, 2010


Penguins are amazing creatures! Here are some awesome facts about them!

1. Penguins spend half of their life in the ocean!
2. In 25 mya (like, a long time ago, like THOUSANDS of years ago) there were 5 foot penguins! Ah!
3. Both mom and dad penguins take care of baby chicks, keeping them warm and snuggled in a pouch by their feet.
3. When penguins are swimming in the water they move like birds flying through the air- this shows how amazing and graceful they are as swimmers!

Yay Penguins!

Stay Green!


Anonymous said...

this is jamiel hey no penguins for me i wnat to eat penguins LOL :) JUST KIDDING I WANT A PENGUIN

Molly4 is kool said...

aww thxz i love peguins to this blog roxs

Anonymous said...

this is Nibbles9 peguins r awesome

Molly4 is kool said...

o kingboo, i never had a bunny that i wish i had a bunny